Tipee platform

Innovation is not just about ideas

Tipee Platform, an expertise centre on sustainable building, supports the building industry stakeholders in innovating through a panel of services and research projects. Innovation and quality are core components of Tipee’s policy in order to better meet the needs of its clients.

Tipee was founded in 2012 within La Rochelle University and LaSIE (Environment Engineering Science Laboratory, for both La Rochelle University and the National Centre for Scientific Research – CNRS) to meet the needs of the building industry stakeholders.

The challenge was met as the Platform is now certified by the French Sustainable Building Plan and is partner of the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB) with one common goal: to give the building industry stakeholders the necessary tools and systems to meet the challenge of sustainable construction.

1 expertise : 3 core activities

Multiscale Test Laboratory


Tipee test facilities are developed to provide:

  • Characterisation of the building materials and envelops
  • Indoor environment quality

Our strategy is to test material samples and full-scale systems

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Engineering and research

Tipee_p3_Photo4Tipee provides support to:

  • Innovation process, including CSTB assessment process
  • Customised technical / R&D process
  • Design process (simulations and

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Training centre


In service training centre for the building industry stakeholders with 2 goals:

  • Raising awareness and training the stakeholders on all subjects directly related to Tipee expertise
  • Hosting other building-related trainings in collaboration with our partners

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Our values


To better meet the needs of our partners and clients, we call on our in-house skills as well as the expertise of our network of partners.


In order to guarantee the best results, our work is based on a quality management system.


Our mission is to establish a strong link between the research field and the industry of sustainable building to further develop innovation and always stay a step ahead.


Tipee is composed of a dynamic and reactive team. Our major strength: being in tune with our clients and on the lookout for new technological trends.

Our partners